Cryptowall Virus – Removal Instructions

It may seem to appear out of nowhere, a threatening message alerting you that you can no longer access the files on your computer unless you remit payment. The virus known as Cryptowall is a type of malware, malicious browser hijack, known as "ransomeware." After Cryptowall infects and disables a computer, poses as a law enforcement agency such as the FBI. Cryptowall make use fabricated logos from legitimate law enforcement agencies to make its case believable to users of computers infected by the virus. The ransomware states that law enforcement agencies have been monitoring the users Continue Reading

Windows Web Shield Virus – Removal Instructions


Windows Web Shield is one of the FakeVimes that joins such other viruses as Windows Antihazard Helper and Windows Trojan Sleuth. The dramatic rise in inexperienced computer users has created an entirely new genre of malware that preys on innocent people. There is a family of viruses known as FakeVimes that operate in a much […]

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Windows Internet Guard Virus – Removal Instructions


Windows Internet Guard is a malicious computer virus, not a legitimate computer security program. Windows Internet Guard is currently infecting computers by installing without user permission. ┬áTo prevent extreme damage to your computer, we recommend that you follow the steps below to remove Windows Internet Guard completely from your system.Windows Internet Guard may suddenly appear […]

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Remove Windows Internet Watchdog Virus – Removal Instructions


Windows Internet Watchdog is rogue malware that is dangerous to your computer. Like many recent viruses, Windows Internet Watchdog is disguised as an authentic Windows based program. We recommend you follow the steps outlined at the end of this page to remove this virus completely and as quickly as possible. Here is an image of […]

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Remove Cryptolocker Virus – Removal Instructions


Cryptolocker is a type of virus that infects computers running Microsoft Windows. Cryptolocker has been spreading around the world quickly, and thousands of computers running Windows have been infected since it first surfaced in September 2013. The Cryptolocker virus is actually a ransomware trojan, which tries to trick users into paying a fee in order […]

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PRISM Virus – NSA Computer Locked – Removal Instructions

Your computer has been locked! PRISM. NSA Internet Surveillance Program. PRISM computer crime prosecution section. This is the infamous warning that users are seeing on their computer screens. The notice is purportedly from PRISM, the surveillance program. Fortunately this is not a real government computer lock, but unfortunately it is a virus. You should remove […]

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Sinergia Cleaner – Virus Removal Help

Sinergia Cleaner is a fake antivirus program. It is called a rogue application because it disguises itself, posing as a legit program. In fact, Sinergia Cleaner is a virus that is infecting many computer. Uninstall Sinergia Cleaner with our help. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. Sinergia Cleaner Screenshot Scroll down for […]

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Antivirus Security Pro – Removal Instructions

The Antivirus Security Pro Virus is a another virus that has spread rapidly across the globe in the past few months. It was created with the intent of fooling the user into thinking it is a genuine program that will help to protect them from malware. The reality is an entirely different story. The Antivirus […]

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Antiviral Factory 2013 – Virus Removal Instructions

Antiviral Factory 2013 is a bogus software application. The Antiviral Factory 2013 virus is spreading worldwide affecting users computers at a large rate. The Antiviral Factory virus should be remove from any computer that is infected with it. Remove Antiviral Factory 2013 from your computer as soon as possible. Removal instructions are at the end […]

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FBI Virus – Removal Instructions

The FBI Virus has been spreading rapidly and is infecting hundreds of thousands of computers at an alarming rate. There are many forms of the FBI Virus and all of them share the same method of operation: you did something illegal and need to pay money. If your computer is infected with the FBI Virus […]

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System Doctor 2014 – Virus Removal Instructions

System Doctor 2014 is not real. The System Doctor 2014 virus is infecting computers that have unfortunately become victim to another of these fake programs. The System Doctor program is not real and if you have it on your computer you should remove it immediately. Removal instructions are at the end of the article. System […]

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